If you’ve just bought a new pool table or you’re had one for a while, you’ve probably been enjoying some great games with your friends and family. But if you want to continue enjoying your pool table for many years to come you are going to need to make sure you take care of it.
We’ve put together our top tips for keeping your pool table in perfect condition so it can be enjoyed for generations to come!

Brush Your Felt

The felt has a knapp and when we cloth our tables on installation, the knapp goes from the break end towards the other end of the table lengthways. This can be felt when you brush the cloth with your hand (smooth down the table and ruff up the table) you need to brush the felt from the end you break in the smooth direction…… the knapp on the cushions also follows this. We advise that you brush the dust and debris into one of the pockets and then use a hoover to suck it up!
Keeping the playing surface of your pool table in great condition is essential to being able to play a good game. It is recommended that you brush your table’s felt at least once a week with a table brush to remove dust and leftover chalk, especially if you are using it often!
To get the best result, we recommend gentle strokes and working from one side to the other. If it is especially dirty or dusty you can occasionally, very gently vacuum the felt using the hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner.
It is important to do this carefully so as not to lift the felt from the slate. Choosing a high quality, durable cloth can make all the difference to longevity and play. At Designer Billiards we offer only the best Hainsworth cloth for our pool tables!

Clean The Body of Your Table

Your new table from Designer Billiards is durable and stunning and finished with a UV protecting polyurethane lacquer and a little bit of regular maintenance will ensure that it stays this way for generations! Cleaning the rest of your pool table (beyond the felt) can be done with a soft cloth. If your table is made from wood simply use a damp cloth to keep it in perfect condition.
If you have leather pockets on your table it is important to check on them every few months and give them some TLC. You can use a soft, damp cloth to keep them looking brand new.

Top Tips For Taking Care of Your Pool Table Balls

Taking care of your table accessories is just as important as taking care of the table itself. Let’s face it – no one wants dirty balls!
You can clean your pool balls with soap water and a soft cloth, make sure they are properly dried before putting them back on your table.

Don’t Forget Your Cues

Any pool player knows the importance of a well-maintained cue.
Make sure you keep them on a cue rack or rest or in cue cases when you’re not using them, they are less likely to get damaged or broken this way.
We also recommend that they are not stored anywhere they will be exposed to heat, cold or damp as these conditions can warp your cues leaving them unusable. If you’re looking for a bespoke cue rack to compliment your pool table we can offer racks made from the highest quality woods to your exact specifications. Check out some of the ones we’ve made in the past on our website.

Use A Pool Table Cover

If you don’t have a pool table that converts into a dining table like our Lingfield or Spartan pool tables, pool table covers are a great option.

A cover is a perfect way to keep your table clean and free from dust when you’re not using it. They can also prevent your felt from fading or picking up any damage from moisture or accidental spillages. Consider a full-length cover to protect the sides and legs of your table too, not just the top. Remember that a soft cover won’t protect your table from heavy things being dropped onto the top of it.

Take Precautions

A good way to keep your pool table in great condition is to prevent any mishaps from the get-go!
Unless you have a pool table that converts into a dining table, don’t use it for anything other than playing pool. Spilt drinks and dirty laundry piles can end up causing harm to your beautiful table. So, we advise you to keep them far away!

We hope these tips help you to take care of your pool table and allow you to enjoy it for many years to come! If you haven’t bought your pool table yet why not check out our extensive range, all made from the highest quality materials by expert hands. If there isn’t one that takes your fancy why not get in touch with us to discuss a custom pool table made to your specifications! Our friendly team can deliver and install your new pool table anywhere in the world.