The Apex (Pneumatic)

​The ‘Apex’ Coffee/Pool Table

‘From imagination to realisation’

The brief for this project was to design and produce a pneumatic rise and fall coffee to pool table, with an industrial contemporary finish. The result is a globally unique transforming table that showcases precision craftsmanship by Designer Billiards.

Constructed in Aluminium The Apex has black anodised detailing which has been skilfully hand-brushed with a fingerprint protective coating. It is complemented with beautiful hand-stitched leather pockets with a modern blue cloth.

The pneumatic system has been designed and developed for this particular project. The telescopic legs unveil the impressive rise from coffee table to pool table at which point the locking pins are then deployed via magnetic reed switches, safely securing the table in the playing position.

The light weight Carbon Fibre and Aluminium leaf tops are easily removed and conveniently slide into the concealed underside storage.
This ground-breaking ‘one of a kind’ table has ensured that we achieve what others said they couldn’t do.

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