Sphinx Pool Table

From the Interior designer Katharine Pooley ltd’s sketch pad to CAD and 3D drawings, our bespoke design service gave realisation to this luxurious modern pool table.
The strong design is ultra-stylish, whilst incredibly innovative…replacing the traditional nets or drop pockets with a fully visible, external ball return. Potted balls are directed by padded, leather ramps, mesmerisingly rolling into an external channel, ready to be retrieved.

The hollow leg design is the strongest element to the pool table, it allows this full size 8ft English table to look bold and striking, whilst effortlessly elegant.
The subtle sloping cushion rail compliments the angular base, and the natural Oak detailing contrasts the modern matt black finish.

Please take a look at our customer installs page for a behind the scenes look, including a short time-lapse video of the installation.
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Image courtesy of Katharine Pooley Ltd – Pearl Villa