Ricochet Rollover

Ricochet Ball Return Rollover Table

‘The Ricochet’ rollover table is a stunning example of design and craftsmanship, a perfect blend of precision engineering and traditional Mortise & Tenon together with sliding Dovetail joints, resulting in a one of a kind rollover.

This cleverly designed table boasts the worlds first ever ball-return rollover pool dining table. It was a long term achievement of ours to incorporate a ball-return system into one of our luxury rollover tables. The design of the ball-return means that the balls are directed to one end of the table and then diverted to two opposing ramps, ready for collection, display or storage.

The Ricochet has been customised, with the main structure being made out of American Black Walnut, Maccassar external detailing and a contrasting Ash inlay around the pool table rails and pockets.

The original brief was to design two separate ‘D’ end style removable console tables, allowing the already impressive 7’ 8” (2.3m) dining table to a massive 11’11”(3.6m).

After several designs that complimented the contemporary table and incorporated the dimensions of the client’s chairs, it appeared the best solution was to remove the ‘D’ end legs completely. The final design features removable stretcher bars that supported the extension panels using a cantilever affect, meaning the extra seating has the freedom of any orientation.

Please take a look at our customer installs page for a behind the scenes look, including a short time-lapse video of the installation.
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