In the first of our spotlight series, we are looking at the amazing skill and quality of craftsmanship that goes into each and every one of our gaming tables. From design to production, right through to assembly and installation we pride ourselves on expert craftsmanship at every stage.
We’ve been hand-making pool, billiards and snooker tables for more than 25 years. Every project from the first to the most recent is made with the same care and attention to detail by our fantastic team.

We don’t just build pool and billiards tables, we love the game too. Our passion for snooker and pool can clearly be seen in the creativity we put into our designs. But, it is even more evident in the love and care we put into the production and installation of our tables.

Bespoke Design

Here at Designer Billiards, we are proud that every stage of our process is done by skilled hands. Right from the beginning at the concept and design stage, we take care to make sure that our designs are exciting and unique. But above all, they don’t compromise a great game.
We work with you to create something that you will love and cherish for many years to come. All of our design work is done in-house. But our biggest advantage is that our designers are the same craftsmen that hand build every one of our gaming tables.
This means they are able to bring their intimate knowledge of raw materials into the design process. In turn, this allows them to marry beautiful custom design with a high-quality build resulting in a truly unique piece of furniture.
Our craftsmen love to break new ground with their work so welcome the challenge of custom designs to fit your home and lifestyle. But this doesn’t mean they aren’t just as skilled when it comes to traditional pool and snooker table styles too.

Skilled Production

Once we have a design you love we move over to our workshop. Here our passion for the craft can be seen in the incredible quality of the tables we produce. Every piece is made by hand by our craftsmen with their years of collective experience in woodwork, joinery and furniture manufacture. This level of skill and dedication coupled with the highest quality, sustainably sourced materials results in a gaming table made to be a future heirloom!
Although the Designer Billiards workshop is based in Wiltshire we produce bespoke indoor games tables for clients worldwide. Our experienced craftsmen are able to ensure that no matter where in the world our tables end up living the quality is never compromised. With their extensive knowledge of materials and techniques, they can adapt their approach to construction so it suits the destination environment. This can be vital to ensuring the longevity of your table, not to mention the quality of the game you can play.
As we use only the best quality woods and metals from sustainable sources we can be confident in giving you the best gameplay and a piece of furniture that will be with your family for generations.

Expert Installation

The craftsmanship doesn’t stop at the workshop! Just as much care and skill is put into the assembly and installation of your new table in your home or office.
Because the Designer Billiards team deliver and install your tables too, we can ensure that every step of the process is done with care and precision.
This meticulous approach can make a huge difference to gameplay, an improperly assembled table can end up being more easily damaged. The last thing we want is one of our carefully made gaming tables to end up paying the price for the poor installation.
This decision to keep the delivery and installation of our tables in-house with our skilled craftsmen has meant many happy customers over the years. And we hope many more to come.

Designer Billiards

Every team member has honed their skills through years of dedication to the craft of indoor gaming table design and production. And that’s what really makes the difference, passion, skill and experience, the three pillars our business is built on. These core principles set us apart and mean we can truly offer a bespoke service to our customers.
Would you like to bring the joy and enjoyment of a bespoke gaming table into your home or office? Get in touch with us today and let us discuss making your indoor gaming dreams a reality!
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