We are already more than halfway through 2021, and there has been a lot going on! Through lockdowns and working our way towards opening back up, we have been spending more time at home. During this time we have found new ways to connect with each other – and new ways to connect with our home.
In this blog, we will be sharing some of the top home interior design trends for 2022. You will find a common theme start to shine through. We are excited for the future and the beautiful homes that are going to come with it!


Cottage core has been stealing the spotlight in mid-2021, and we can only expect this trend to grow in the coming year. Its popularity began with a draw from the younger generations to connect to a simpler life – and the designs that have come with it are absolutely fantastic.

This style works its magic in homes that already have some original features, such as exposed beams, original floorboards or panelled walls. Of course, you can recreate these styles in your own home to add a more modern twist.

We believe that many homeowners are looking to get back to their roots. Maybe that is by growing vegetables in their garden, removing artificial lights and opting for more natural varieties or using lovely natural or local wood for items in the home.

There are many ways you can use this interior design trend to tell your story. By incorporating different wall colours, adding your favourite cosy comforts (such as pillows and throws) to dining areas or bringing plants indoors that you adore.

Less Is More In The Home:

Minimalism is definitely not a new concept, but it is one that most people agree brings new energy to your space. Now, minimalism does not have to mean boring! You can carefully select a few bright pieces to add creative flair
. By having less clutter around these statement pieces – you are allowing them to make a bigger impact!

Take these dried flowers. They are a bold component when added to this room. If surrounded by too much clutter or other items fighting for your attention – you probably could have never seen the bouquet at all.

You can combine minimalism with many other looks. It does not have to be just white walls and furniture with clear, sharp lines.

You can have a minimalistic Victorian-style home if you so choose to! It’s simply about keeping it simple.


Versatility In Interior Design:

For those with smaller homes, versatility is a must. While it can seem frustrating to try and fit in all of your favourite things, it is possible!
Using the same space for multiple activities simply makes sense. Perhaps your wall has a hidden guest bed. Maybe your sofa doubles as a storage setting. Or even better yet, your dining table doubles as a pool table.

There are an endless amount of unique and modern ways to incorporate multi-purpose items into your home. With our modern lives and modern homes, we think this interior design trend simply makes sense – and we can not wait to see what other items they build next!

Versatile pieces don’t have to just exist in smaller homes. Many larger homes benefit from it as well. By adding more space to your area, clean up becomes easier than ever before and you can use the space for new things. Maybe that is arts and crafts with the children or a new room to practice yoga in!

Inspiration From Nature:

It’s clear that in 2022, we are yearning to have more natural items in our homes.

The first lockdown in the UK due to covid restrictions fueled a massive boom in plant and bulb sales! People were adding plants everywhere they could, and that passion has stuck with us throughout this journey.

Houseplants can clean the air, add greenery to the space and even boost your mood. We love to see the many different methods used to incorporate plants into the home.
However, natural inspiration is not limited to house plants.

One of our favourite ways to bring nature into the home is through natural woods. For a perfect example, check out our Farmhouse Rollover table. The variety pictured below was handcrafted using stunning Oak.

Great for family dinners and game nights alike. To really enhance the natural glow of this table, try topping it with a lacey tablecloth and some freshly picked flowers from your local area.

Coloured Walls:

While a lot of our article today has mentioned minimalism, natural colours and nature – people have not forgotten about the impact colour can have on your space and your overall mood – especially if you live in a rainy/grey location.

However, the trendy colours for this coming year tend to correspond with the natural conversation we have been having. Expect to see greens, blues and rose tones popping up on accent walls this coming year.

Getting Ready For 2022:

Turning your home into your favourite space is something that just makes sense. Incorporating items, colours and plants that make you feel your best is simply a must.
For some, home decor in 2022 may include getting rid of the old and clearing out space. We welcome that concept with open arms.

Natural woods, versatile furniture and statement pieces are what this coming year is yearning for. There are so many different ways you can incorporate these vibes into your own home.